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Janaboli.Com was established in November 3, 2014 with the aim of encouraging novice but highly interested youth in the field of good journalism. It also aims at addressing the voices and the narratives of individuals in society. The literal meaning of Janaboli is “the voices of the people”. The role of the youth in this field is not only to disseminate news and views, but also to actively engage in discouraging yellow journalism, by promoting factual, objective, credible, and balanced news stories. Janaboli.com has been established under the constitution of Janaboli News Network Pvt. Ltd, an organization dedicated and devoted to the protection and in favor of good journalism, clear communication, and human rights. The team of the Janaboli.Com comprises youth, professionals in the field, human rights activists, and social workers. The Founding Editor in Chief of the janaboli.com is Mr. Indra Acharya who has accomplished many goals in the field of mass communication and journalism. His professional works in many media houses as a news coordinator, a well-recognized TV producer, and a documentary film maker are key to success in the mission of Janaboli.com.